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Business Formation and Dissolution


Have you ever considered starting a new company, expanding an existing business by creating a new entity, or are you in the process of winding down a business?  The Hodges Law Group will carefully examine your business and objective and recommend the solution that best fits your needs.

Business Formation   

The Hodges Law Group is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in helping you choose the best legal structure for your new business.  We will carefully examine your business and objectives, and recommend the structure that best protects your interests.


  • Limited Partnerships (LP)

  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLP)

  • Joint Ventures


  • Merger and Acquisitions

  • Business Succession

  • Sole Proprietorships

  • C corporations

  • S corporations

  • Professional Corporations (PC)

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

  • Partnerships



We will explain the potential benefits and drawbacks to an entity, including issues of taxation, liability and financing, so you can make an informed decision about what works best.

Once we have helped you select the appropriate entity for your business, we can begin the formation process, including drafting and reviewing documents involved in the organization and structuring of your new business entity, which may include:​​​​

  • Employment agreements and policies; and


  • Shareholder agreements.

  • Articles of incorporation;


  • Bylaws;


  • Operating agreements;



If your business is winding down, dissolution is an important step you need to take to stop paying future taxes and fees to the state of California.  There are many issues that can lead to the dissolution of a company. Sometimes, the closing of a business can be a fairly straightforward procedure. In some cases of business dissolution, disputes arise and an business attorney can be a key factor in achieving the best possible outcome in a timely manner.

We handle the most complex issues related to business divorce and partner dissolution including:

  • Professional practice dissolution or spin-off operations;


  • Investor and shareholder disputes;


  • Business partnership dissolution;


  • Business debt collection services;


  • Breach of contract litigation;


  • Commercial real estate lease responsibilities; and


  • Property ownership disputes.

The consequences of a business dissolution can be severe. Owners face losing income, equity, and a business. In addition, the dissolution of a business partnership can lead to significantly adverse tax consequences.


We are experienced in successfully guiding clients to prevent or minimize the loss of assets in the event of a business dissolution.  We work to protect your interests and minimize your losses if you end a business relationship.


We understand that both financial and personal concerns may be important to you in a business dissolution. We are prepared to hear you out and offer in-depth, straightforward counsel on matters including:

  • Fair and equitable division of valuable business assets, as well as debts and other liabilities your business has incurred;


  • Targeting amicable, just resolution of a partnership dispute when shares and interests are held by two or more business partners;


  • Interpreting all existing legal agreements, including personal guarantees, and coming to terms on a business dissolution that protects your own and your family’s future; and


  • Keeping doors open for a new venture and business formation by minimizing alienation of customers and helping you avoid unnecessary liabilities.

We have the extensive experience and proven skills necessary to advocate for your interests both at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. The quality and continuity of representation you will receive at Hodges Law Group reflects our commitment to providing individual attention and personal service to all of our clients.

Whether you are on the verge of forging a new business relationship or facing the disbanding of an existing business, contact us for a free consultation to ensure your interests are fully protected.

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